Trainspotting With Buried Notes 

Jason Kallis, AKA Buried Notes, makes electronic music from the heart, always trying to find the soul in a sound. Growing up in London during the late 80s and early 90s he listened to mix tapes, house, electro, hip hop, garage, drum & bass as well as jazz, and soul. As a result, his tracks incorporate sounds from different genres. Recently he debuted on Londam with ‘You’re My Favorite Flavour’, an infectious slice of lo-fi house, based around a gorgeous keys stab, and a delightful vocal hook, that’s backed up with mixes from label founders Riigs and Skenna. DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with Buried Notes.

Julio Navas, Gustavo Bravetti, David Amo – Raw (Tony Romera Remix) – Toolroom

This is a great club track. I’ve played it 3 times out and every time it gets attention. The pluck is random, but despite that it never seems to be out of place even if it goes out of time a bit (the programming is randomised to a degree). It’s just one note/tone most of the way through, so not much of a melody, but it works. But the track’s all about the build of the energy and the pluck changes with that so well. Then it’s all about that bass. The bass wobbles and is deep – goes through you. It’s oddly versatile as a track too – you can mix it with different genres. To my mind it ought to be a classic, let’s see if it’s remembered.

Julio Navas, Gustavo Bravetti, David Amo - Raw (Tony Romera Remix) * Beatport #1, Fisher, DJ Snake*

Cloudy – Daphni (Kelbin remix) – Jiaolong

This is a bit different. I like Daphne’s style. It’s simple but often builds and that’s a bit of me I suppose. This remix has a very early Four Tet vibe, the snares snap, and again I’ve gone for something with a pluck that repeats. The track’s a bit harder to find a match for than Raw, but when it goes with another track in the mix it works really well I think. The piano steals attention, and rightly so. It is 4/4 but as with other tunes in this style it has so much groove on the rest of it it could pass as something more off beat in a club. I always like things that are a bit experimental in my playlists. For me though the entire track is about the 2nd drop. The sequenced or randomised synth is beautiful, funky, and melancholic but energetic. Love it when the best bit of a track is later in a track.


Photek – Mine To Give – Science

I know it’s old, and old in style too, but I heard Bushwhack play the D. Morales remix of this a few weeks ago, and it to me it needs another rework for the modern era of House. Robert Owens just makes a track House, his voice is instantly recognisable, but also kind of a stamp of approval. But I have chosen this track because I love to mix the new and the old – look for that buried sound, and bring bits of it back purposefully instead of pretending you have to make something new each time. Almost always your not. I listened to a lot of Drum and Bass in the 90s, and anyone that did that will have bumped into Photek. What a producer. Went onto compose for film, and I suspect the album this was from helped transport him across the pond. He produced an album of House not necessarily out of the blue, but it was for me surprising to see him cross over in the way he did. This track is all about the overall vibe. It’s vocal keeps you wanting the track to keep going, to keep building. The synth stabs make your hairs stand on end.

Scuba – Arrows – Aus Music

I love Aus. Such a great label, so many tracks I love on it. Scuba has over the years grown on me, not just as a musician but as a person. He’s got integrity despite being one of those that perhaps moved on from dubstep fairly gratuitously. That’s fair enough, nothing stays still for long in electronic music. This track though is musically brilliant. The synth work is sublime, the bass and the drums also could be made on an early sampler or drum machine, but the track is far from dated. Brilliant ambience throughout, that’s its special interest for me. A track made for people dancing on the Moon.

Scuba - Arrows [AUS171]

Skream & Jansons  – World Is Empty – Circoloco

Skream is so good at finding heart wrenching vocals, as well as making bangers. Making this track must have been an exercise in making sure that the vocal doesn’t get lost, and it doesn’t. The Arp lightly compliments the vocal and shifts the pace along. Otherwise it’s simple,  In this mix this track is killer. His tracks always are.

Skream & Jansons – World Is Empty

Bongbeck – Winter Sleep – Ton Töpferei

This is a listening track. One day I’d love to hear it in a club, and I’m sure there are people that might play it out, but to my mind it should be heard on a good pair of speakers with just your own company. When you ‘ve had a crap day and nothing but music can cheer you up, and even that struggles, this sound shows you the way back. Some music, to me, is spiritual. Not everything I love or like is that way, but this track is. The build is sublime, the drums (at the start at least) are clicks and foley sounds or heavily treated drums, which is needed as this is a very full mid and low range track. The production is a little rough here and there, but that just adds to it for me. The low end supports everything so well too. At the point of release you could cry every time. No vocal, no message, just sound pulling at your heart strings. Beautiful.

Mountain People – 10.1 – Mountain People

This is well old! But tell me if you think it’s dated? I don’t think it is. Nice slice of Tech House. Some tracks don’t vary much and this one appears like it doesn’t but if you listen a few times you realise that are bits of if that change every now and again and it mixes so well as a result. Besides I can listen to the repeating theme from now until Christmas for some reason. Why some loops do that I don’t know.

Mountain People - 10.1

Dam Swindle – You – Heist

I get into artists from time to time and play then on repeat. This lot are well known now, but their productions are great – I can’t get enough of them right now. This one has a bit of an afrobeat vibe almost. Also an amazing track for the dance floor I think. Upbeat and emotional. Love it.

Four Tet – Windings Tracks – KH

So I don’t know the name of these tracks. Guessing they have names that can be translated if you put the right font on the wingding moniker? Who knows, but I do think they (the Four Tet Wingdings tracks) are all brilliant, naturally sounding percussion and beats, with synths. Like chicken and bacon they go together very well, but these are certainly the best two of his wingdings tracks. As they don’t have names I think I can put two in can’t I? Besides this is a transpotting article. There is nothing more anorak or intellectually brilliant than Four Tet. Best electronic music and musician for toe gazers, geeks, cool people and clubbers, all in one. His anorak is made by Versace. His canon is some of the most inspiring and experimental ever made, there can be no question about that. Even the way he names himself is inventive.

ʅ͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡ (ƟӨ) ʃ͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡ ꐑ (ཀ ඊູ...

̸ ̡ ҉ ҉.·๑ඕั ҉ ̸ ̡ ҉ ҉.·๑ඕั ҉ ̸ ̡ ҉ ҉.·๑ඕั ҉ ̸ ̡ ҉...

Lindstrom – Closing Shot – Feedelity

To be honest this could be seen as a guilty pleasure, but hear me out. I’ve been to a few clubs recently, and for me there was something missing. Genre led marketing has possibly diluted things, but I think that’s a cop out – it’s the DJ’s listening too much to the clubber I think. People need to be a bit more daring on decks and in clubs. The monotony of one sound, one vibe, one genre for more than 45 minutes is very limiting. I’d play this song anywhere, Berghain (if they let me in and didn’t chuck me out straight away for playing it). I certain That Crescendo, at 8 am or whatever would work anywhere to switch a set. To bring the dance floor out of the doldrums. I wouldn’t play it past that much, but it’s so uplifting the cheesy side could be forgiven I think.

Yes I put it last because of the name. But also so you know I try not to take myself or music too seriously. It’s not worth it, and also limiting.

Lindstrøm - Closing Shot

Buried Notes ‘You’re My Favourite Flavor’ is out now on Londam.