Trainspotting With Hatiras

Hatiras is a 2 time Juno Award winner and owner of Spacedisco Records. Since his global hit record, ‘Spaced Invader’, on Defected Records in 2000, which was named Pete Tong’s Essential new tune twice, he has amassed a catalogue of over 500 releases, 4 artist albums, and has collaborated with artists including Low Steppa, Junior Sanchez, Kylie Minogue, Angelo Ferreri, DJ Dan, Sebb Junior, and more. His music has graced labels including Defected, Toolroom, Dirtybird, Simma Black, Afro Acid, Glasgow Underground, Universal Music, Sony, to name a few. As his new single, ‘Make It Happen’, drops on Fool’s Paradise, DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with Hatiras.

1 Hatiras – Make It Happen – Fool’s Paradise

I originally made this tune to be part of my spring-released Starlight album and sent the project to Mark Knight. He loved it instantly and told me he was starting an exciting new label – Fool’s Paradise – specifically for this sound: soulful, classic-sounding but pumping, underground House Music. It contains an old sample from House legends Victor Simonelli and Lenny Fontana. I added big, jacking drums, a deep synth bass and modern DJ-friendly arrangement. I’m honoured to know that it’s dropping as the second single on Fool’s Paradise!

Hatiras - Make It Happen [House/Classic House]

2 Hatiras, Sebb Junior – Breathe (Feel Fine) –  La Vie D’Artiste Music

I produced this tune with one of my favourite artists – Sebb Junior. It’s deep, yet pumping and it’s released on his record label La Vie D’Artiste Music. It’s been holding strong in the top 5 Beatport Deep House charts for months now and is a staple in my sets. Classic vibes here.

Breathe (Feel Fine) (Extended Mix)

3 Roel, Cristian Volpe – Robinson’s Regret – Spacedisco Records

These two young and talented Italian producers sent me the track as a demo for my label Spacedisco Records. The second I heard it, I fell in love. Not only is the beat, music and production immaculate, but the vocal message in the track is super inspiring and relatable. It’s an empowering reminder to make the art that makes you happy, and to follow your path regardless of what others may advise.

Robinson's Regret - Roel + Cristian Volpe

4 Todd Terry & Gypsymen – Babarabatiri (David Penn Remix) –  Phoenix Music

This one came out a few years ago on my good friend, Andy Reid’s Toronto-based record label Phoenix Music. You can’t go wrong with two legends like Todd Terry and David Penn on a tune. It still slaps proper and works the crowd into a frenzy every time.

Babarabatiri (David Penn Remix)

5 Antoine Clamaran – Come With Me – Spacedisco Records

This one is out now on my label Spacedisco Records. Antoine Clamaran is a Parisian legend of the pumping House sound. It’s a staple in my sets and features a classic sounding sample as used by Armand Van Helden. It’s familiar yet fresh with huge builds and a classic vocal sample. It gets a massive reaction every time I play it.

6 Angelo Ferreri – Ask Yourself (Can You Dance) 

Angelo is another one of my favourite producers. Not only is he an upbeat, joyful person, but his work ethic and talent are on another level. His drums and arrangement of “Ask Yourself” are immaculate. The vocal sample is the icing on the cake. A familiar sample with the funkiest drums around.

Ask Yourself (Can You Dance) (Extended Mix)

7 Hatiras – Starlight – Spacedisco Records

I dropped a full length album recently and “Starlight” was the feature track and also the name of the album. I really love this one because it’s so unique. It’s a bit disco, a bit deep, very cosmic, catchy and fun. It reminds me of summer every time I play this. It’s cool to see people react to this even though it’s such an underground and quirky tune.

8 Mark Knight, Nitro Deluxe – Brutal (House) – Toolroom

I remember hearing the original version of “This Brutal House” when I was young. It was such a crazy tune. To me it me it was a fork in the branch that split between House and early Techno with it’s more instrumental and percussive production. It’s nice to get a pumping new take on this one by the boss Mark Knight. His drums, builds and arrangement are banging!

Mark Knight, Nitro Deluxe - Brutal [House]

9 Vincent Caira  – The House – Robsoul

Toronto based Vincent Caira is my right hand man and one of my favourite producers. He’s still in his 20s but makes proper, authentic House Music as if he were time-warped into this generation from the 90s. Everything he makes is raw, jackin, deep, thumping awesomeness. This one is out now on Phil Week’s Parisian label Robsoul. Dirty tune!

10 Butch, Nic Fanciulli – I Want You – Defected

“I Want You” has a French Touch, classic sound that I love. It’s repetitive, groovy, romantic-sounding, melancholic, but up-lifting. Almost every time I’ve dropped this one, someone runs up to the booth to ask for a track ID. It’s such a dope, summery, anthemic tune. A crowd pleaser every time!

I Want You (Extended Mix)

Hatiras ‘Make It Happen’ is out now on Fool’s Paradise.