Trainspotting With Janika Tenn

Estonian-born DJ and Producer Janika Tenn is a rising talent who has been residing in the UK for 10 years, honing her fresh groovy tech/house sound. Her productions have landed on labels such as Inhouse Cr2, Safe Music, Go Deeva, Stress Records, Flashmob, Stealth, Erase Records, and many others and she has worked with and remixed the likes of Todd Terry, Roland Clark, Maxim Lanny and more. As her new collab’ with Todd Terry and Ridney, ‘House Shh’, drops on Paharas Music this week, DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with Janika Tenn.

David Penn & KPD – Fever (Extended Mix) Armada Subjekt

I love the rhythm and seamless blend of house beats create a dynamic energy, keeping the dance floor hooked from start to finish.

David Penn & KPD - Fever (Official Lyric Video)

Bedrud, Mole – No Love (Steven Sugar Harding Extended Re-Rub)Confection Music

Steven Sugar Harding adds a fresh perspective to ‘No Love’, enhancing its emotive undertones with a carefully crafted mix.

No Love (Steven Sugar Harding Extended Re-Rub)


NOCUI – Higher Energy (Original Mix) – Shapeless Culture

This track’s original mix exudes vibrant energy, skilfully combining elements of electronic music to deliver a captivating sonic experience.

Todd Terry, Janika Tenn & Ridney – House Shh (Vocal Mix) Paharas Music

A collaboration that skilfully blends Todd Terry’s vocals with mine and Ridney’s contributions on production, resulting in a track that’s a true testament to the timeless appeal of house music.

Todd Terry, Janika Tenn & Ridney - House Shh

Terri-Anne, Michael Grald – City Of New York (Extended Mix)Glasgow Underground

It unfolds a sonic journey, with Terri-Anne and Michael Grald’s collaboration painting a vivid musical picture. I’m currently collaborating with Terri-Anne myself. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it!

Terri-Anne, Michael Grald - City Of New York (Extended Mix) [Glasgow Underground]

Luigi Rocca, Manuel De La Mare – Disco 666 (Extended MIx)303lovers

The beats are fire on this one! Offering a rhythmic and lively journey through electronic soundscapes.

Manuel De La Mare, Luigi Rocca - Disco 666 (Extended Mix)

CASSIMM – Freak (Exteded mix)Jackie’s Music Records

Its a powerhouse of electronic beats, showcasing the artist’s flair for crafting intense and groove-inducing tracks. It’s a regular on my sets, guaranteed to get the dance floor moving every time.

CASSIMM - Freak (Extended Mix)

Shiba San – Are You Feeling This? (Extended Mix)The Myth Of NYX

I resonate with its infectious rhythm, delivering a visceral experience that invites listeners to feel the music on a deep level.

Shiba San - Are You Feeling This? (Extended Mix)

Roberto Parisi – My Selecta  (Angelo Ferreri Monster Funk Mix)Mood Funk Records

A recent gem discovery, this track adds a funky twist to Roberto Parisi’s original, creating a dancefloor-ready masterpiece with irresistible grooves.

Janika Tenn – Surrender (Original Mix) Stress Records

I wanted to showcases a perfect balance between smooth vocals and an engaging melody, creating a memorable and emotive listening experience.

Janika Tenn - Surrender

Todd Terry, Janika Tenn & Ridney ‘House Shh’ will be released on Traxsource promo December 8th / Full release December 15th 2023 on Paharas Musica.