Trainspotting with Joy Doc

Hailing from New Barnet, London,  Joy Doc is an up and coming Drum and Bass artist with a penchant for writing, producing and singing infectious tunes with relatable narratives. Inspired by internationally acclaimed artists such as Wilkinson, Pola & Bryson and Koven, her debut single ‘Sunshine’ was released by Lady Of The House in early 2023 alongside a VIP mix.

Her new single, ‘Been Here Before’ showcases Joy Doc’s exceptional talent as both a producer and vocalist. Drawing on her passion for drum and bass, Joy Doc masterfully combines intricate rhythms with melodic elements, creating a sonic landscape that pulsates with infectious energy. Her heartfelt vocals soar over the dynamic beats, injecting the track with a real sense of emotion and positivity. DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with Joy Doc. 

Bru-C, bshp & Issey Cross   – Oh Baby (Mollie Collins Remix) – Warner

Mollie Collins did this as part of her radio 1 remix challenge for Charlie Tee’s drum and bass show. I already love the original of the track and am a big Bru-C fan. I love the way Mollie effortlessly transformed this into a drum and bass banger. It is high energy and hooky as hell!

Nathan Dawe x Bru-C - Oh Baby (feat. bshp & Issey Cross) [Mollie Collins Remix]

Delta Heavy – Against the Tide (ft Lauren L’aiment) – Delta Heavy

This tune has the perfect balance between the atmospheric qualities such as floaty synths in the verse, with driving rhythms and powerful lead synths in the drop. Lauren’s vocals are dreamy!

Delta Heavy - Against The Tide (ft. Lauren L'aimant)

Supermode – Tell Me Why (1991 Remix) – Axtone

1991 has taken this classic dance track with hooky synths and haunting vocals. He has turned it into a dynamic and high-powered drum and bass tune. I love the massive builds towards the drops, which creates so much suspense!

Supermode - Tell Me Why (1991 Remix)

Vektah – Every Time – Soulvent

I feel so much darkness from this track. It conjures up so many images in my head of being out in the night, with the fear of the unknown. Pretty menacing! The echoed vocals remind me of going through a tunnel late at night.

Vektah - Every Time

Metrik – We Are The Energy – Hospital Records

Tom’s vocals in this are GOLD. I listened to Metrik for years without even realising that he vocalledhis tracks. I can feel the pure emotion in his vocals which fits perfectly with the massive sounding drums and synths in this track. Also lyrically, I am really in tune to people’s energy. I like people who give off a good energy, so this song speaks to me.

Metrik - We Are The Energy

DJ Fresh – Drive – Ministry of Sound

DJ Fresh released this song after having a break as an artist. He went through some pretty darktimes with his battle from thyroid cancer. I can feel the outpour of emotion in this track. I love the chord sequence as well as when the song switches to a drum and bass beat. Perfect track to drive along to!

DJ Fresh - Drive (Lyric Video)

Sigma – Find Me ft Birdy – Sony

Birdy’s stunning and pure vocals go effortlessly with Sigma’s euphoric beat. The string arrangement is so lush! This has been my go-to track for years.

Sigma - Find Me ft. Birdy

Sigrid – Mine Right Now (High Contrast Remix) – Island Records

High Contrast is a wizard and Sigrid’s vocals are magical. What’s not to love? I love focusing on different elements of the song each time I listen to it. I feel like each time I listen to it, I hear something new. So many intricate and pretty synths that make me fall in love with the song.

Mine Right Now (High Contrast Remix)

Sub Focus & Wilkinson – Air I Breathe – UMG

What can I say about Sub Focus & Wilkinson? They are two of my favourite artists and ‘Air I Breathe’ is probably one of my favourite tracks from their joint album ‘Portals’ that was released in 2020. I love the main motif that opens the track and creeps back in throughout. I use the word motif, as it reminds of a classical piece of music. Slowly as the track builds, I am reminded that this is in fact a drum and bass banger! An absolute classic in drum and bass.

Sub Focus & Wilkinson - Air I Breathe

Pendulum – Witchcraft – Warner

These guys were one of the first drum and bass artists I was ever introduced to and they made me fall in love with drum and bass. At the time I was listening to a lot of rock music, so they were the perfect hybrid act. In this track, Rob’s vocals instantly captivate me. I love the subtleties such as Rob’s heavy breathing between phrases, and the picked guitar parts. That synth hook is stuck in my head all day when I listen to this song!

Pendulum - Witchcraft (Official Video)

Joy Doc ‘Been Here Before’ is out now.