Trainspotting With Langton

3 friends originally hailing from Cornwall, UK, but now settled in Bristol, Langton (aka Ben, Ben and Jay) are a trio who simply love to have fun and jam with music without any specific agenda. Their fresh, in the moment, creative ethos of making music for music’s sake has already caught the attention of Fool’s Paradise boss Mark Knight, who snapped them up for their first release ‘Your Woman’. DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with Langton.

1 Langton – Your Woman – Fool’s Paradise

This one’s been in the works for a while! It took a couple of years to get the Gladys Knight vocal sample cleared and re-sung, and the track went through a few different iterations before it was ready for release, but we’re so happy it’s finally out there. We tested it at a few festivals over the summer and the crowds loved it, and it’s an absolute honour to have the track signed to Mark Knight’s Fool’s Paradise imprint.

Langton - Your Woman [House]

2 Afefe Iku – 823 – Yoruba Soul Records

Wonderful wonky weirdness from Afefe Iku. A cheeky bassline accompanied by a disorientating synth line and some weird upright piano samples. With plenty of variation and dissonance throughout, this one won’t be leaving the record bag for a while. Perfect for the warm up slot.

3 Key To Life – Find Our Way (Breakaway) feat. Kathleen Murphy (Marc Cotterell Plastik Factory Vox) – Sub-Urban Records

Marc Cotterell has really outdone himself with this one! A great remix of an absolute classic, still maintaining those lovely old school synth stabs and Kathleen Murphy’s unmistakeable vocal, bringing it into the modern day with infectious keys, driving drums and a catchy bassline. Works great in the sun.

Find Our Way (Breakaway) (feat. Kathleen Murphy) (Marc Cotterell Plastik Factory Vox)

4 Tarik – More Than You Can Dream Of – F-TRMTH

Really into this uplifting summer track from Tarik. A real crowd-pleaser with great use of a vocal sample from Brandy’s ‘I Wanna Be Down’. Airy vocals and emotive keys help the track to build nicely, along with some interesting percussion and subtle acid, preparing you for the hands-in-the-air moment around the 4 minute mark. Works well towards the end of a set.

More Than You Can Dream Of

5 Harry Wills – Real – Dansu Discs

Moody garagey roller from Harry Wills’ Gazza 96 EP with tasty low slung chords and plenty of old school drum fills to keep the track flowing. Loving the stuff that he’s been putting out recently, definitely worth checking out the other tracks on the EP as well.

6 Boss Priester – Hotel Dijon – Locus

Loving this style of wiggy two-step influenced house at the moment. Old school stabs and a naughty UKG bassline accompanied by trance synths and a decent amount of swing on the drums make this a great transition track for switching between genres.

7 Cromby – Not Tonight – Potency

We like a good amount of variety in our DJ sets and this one’s a great example of that. Relentless 140BPM bouncy acid power with a catchy vocal hook. Just makes you want to jump up and down flapping your arms around like one of those wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men.

8 Jackard – Old Skool 96 – Hustler Trax

A bumpy tech-house roller with enough classic stabs and cymbals to keep it from sounding like every other tech house track out there. Brilliant for warming up the dance floor.

JACKARD - Old Skool 96 [HT114]

9 Grant Nelson – Tonight – Swing City

This guy doesn’t need much of an introduction, and he’s still pumping out bangers like no-one’s business! A solid meandering bassline, wavey synth line and catchy lead melody supported by a strong female vocal. Hopefully he keeps churning them out for years to come.

Grant Nelson - Tonight

10 GIDEÖN – A Road Called Destiny – Homo-Centric Records

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Gideön’s releases since his debut EP in 2022, which included the amazing acid track ‘Ritmo’ that we’ve been rinsing since it came out, and his latest number certainly doesn’t disappoint. Oozing 90s classic house vibes with spoken word and choppy keys throughout.

GIDEÖN - A Road Called Destiny

Langton ‘Your Woman’ is out now on Fool’s Paradise Records.