Trainspotting With Sebb Junior

French artist based in Spain, Sebb Junior, is one of the most hard-working House music DJs and producers of the moment. He’s released hundreds of singles, EP’s and remixes on widely respected labels like Large Music, Madhouse Records, Nervous Records, Milk & Sugar, Quantize Records, Let There Be House and his own label, La Vie D’Artiste Music. Into music since the early 90s with his roots into Hip Hop culture, Sebb takes influences from a vast eclectic range of sounds, from Soul, Jazz through to Funk and RnB, carefully and respectfully using these styles to craft a unique and refreshing take on sample based House Music. As his new single ‘Colors’ drops on Fool’s Paradise, DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with Sebb Junior.

Sebb Junior – Colors (Original Mix) – Fool’s Paradise

I finished this track just before the summer. I had the bassline idea sitting on my hard drive for months, and I finally decided to infuse it with a touch of Afro vibes. I played it for the first time on a beach in Algarve, Portugal, at the Soul Fusion festival, and the crowd loved it. I instantly knew it was ready!

Sebb Junior - Colors [House]

Glen Horsborough, Leo Wood – Go The Mile (Dancing) (Hatiras Remix) – Let There Be House Records

I had the honor of sharing the decks with Hatiras himself this summer for four nights in the US, and I remember he opened his set in Las Vegas with this track, telling me, “I just finished this remix; let me know what you think.” I was so impressed; this remix sounds incredible on a big sound system! I really love the contrast between the emotional vocals and the main groove with that bassline that reminds me of old UK Jungle/Drum & Bass vibes. This blend of genres is spot-on.

Go The Mile (Dancing) (Hatiras Remix)

Demarkus Lewis, Marie Berson – Laisse Toi Faire (Original Mix) – Large Music

I love Demarkus Lewis; he’s a legend in the house music scene and a wonderful soul. Everything he touches turns to gold, and this track is no exception. To top it off, he released it on my all-time favorite deep house label from Chicago, Large Music, in collaboration with a talented French vocalist (whom I am supposed to collaborate with in the near future).

Criss Korey – On Top (Original Mix) – La Vie D’Artiste Music

Criss sent me this demo for my label, La Vie D’Artiste Music, recently, and I instantly fell in love with the groove (which is unmistakably Criss Korey’s signature sound) and those catchy piano stabs. It’s a fantastic piano house track that never fails to ignite the dancefloor whenever I play it in the club.

On Top (Original Edit)

Crackazat – Do You Think About Me (Original Mix) – Heist Recordings

A catchy, groovy bassline and emotional jazzy Rhodes chords are all I need to fall in love with a track. I love everything Crackazat creates; he’s a great musician, a jazz-trained multi-instrumentalist who shares a lot of jam videos online. I have to admit he is a huge source of inspiration for me (even though I still play my keyboard with just one finger).

Do You Think About Me

Terrence Parker – Tonight We Luv – Intangible Soundworks

“Tonight We Luv” is a kind of French-filter house-inspired track that takes me back to the good old days. It’s so funky! I played it all summer during my US tour and most gigs here in Europe, and it never fails to work its magic. I think I’ll keep playing it for a long time; it’s already a timeless classic, and I never tire of it.

Doche – Free My Mind (Original Mix) – La Vie D’Artiste Music

I discovered Doche’s music on Instagram; he posts a lot of videos of himself playing live and producing his tracks. He has a fantastic disco/jazzy/funky vibe that’s truly inspiring. I love the summer feeling of “Free My Mind ». I’ve played this track a lot at pool and sunset parties here in Spain, and it instantly sets the vibe!

Sebb Junior – What We Bring (Original Mix) – La Vie D’Artiste Music

I worked on this track for a long time; I wanted to find the perfect balance between soulful house and deep house while ensuring it’s playable in the club. I started with those vocal samples and the drums, then spent days finding the right bassline. I didn’t want to use the same bassline I’ve used a million times before, so I employed a different synth this time (for the studio nerds out there, it’s from Sonic Academy Ana 2).

What We Bring (Radio Edit)

Gaskin, L.P Rhythm, Mizbee – Rhythm Master (Original Mix) – Bass Jamz

Another track I’ve played all summer long, a pure house music dancefloor banger with 90s vibes. This one makes me feel like I’m a teenager again. Mizbee’s vocals are just amazing. I stumbled upon this track randomly on Traxsource, and since then, I’ve been a huge fan.

Miguel Migs, Meshell Ndegeocello – Close Your Eyes (Migs Salty Summer Remix) – Salted Music

Miguel Migs is my number one source of inspiration. When I’m stuck in my production process, I tend to ask myself, “What would Miguel Migs do now?” This track is amazing; the simplicity of the melodies makes it even more complex (if that makes sense), and it is elevated by Meshell Ndegeocello’s vocals. Migs’ magic is also evident when he adds those little sound effects here and there. It may seem random, but it’s definitely not; every element is in the right place, and it’s truly impressive.

Miguel Migs feat.Meshell Ndegeocello - Close Your Eyes (Migs Salty Summer Remix)

Sebb Junior ‘Colors’ is out now on Fool’s Paradise.