Trainspotting with Shades of Rhythm

Rayan Gee, Nick Slater and Lanx, make up the seminal UK rave act, better known as Shades Of Rhythm. From 1989 onwards, their catalogue of tunes from Sweet Sensation via Sound of Eden, spun at such pivotal raves and clubs as Raindance, Fantazia, and The Haçienda, took hold of the emerging scene, and landed them a deal record with Warner imprint, ZTT. Before they knew it, they were the subject of every magazine, TV show, DJ and clubber throughout the world.

Fast-forward to today and Shades are still very much at the top of their game headlining bills on the old skool circuit and performing at vital festivals, Glastonbury, Boomtown Fair and Tranzmission.

As they gear up to join the bulging bill of legendary talent at Slip Back In Time Presets Old Skool Ibiza (15-22 May 2024), DMC goes trainspotting with the trio to find what’s in their box for Ibiza’s best and biggest old skool event.


Arnold Jarvis – Take Some Time Out – Fourth Floor Records

First heard this back in 1987 and loved the streetsoul feel on 4/4 kick drums, this alongside Robert Owens and Fingers Inc was inspirational. Love playing this at the right time and right place and seeing which people were there from the start by watching their reaction as you don’t hear it that often anymore.

Arnold Jarvis Take Some Time Out (Original Club Mix)

Adonis – No Way Back – Trax Records

This had some serious bass when it came out in 1986, it was a similar feeling to hearing the bass in early electro tracks for the first time, like “I’m A Pacman” or “G-Force” – it took our breathe away.

Adonis - No Way Back

Cartouche – Feel The Groove (Frank De Wulf Underground Mix) – The Brothers Organisation

Back in early 90’s there was a clear divide between more breakbeat South coast rave and a more four-to-the-floor Northern rave sound, and this was one we would always hear up North. Nowadays you can mix breaks with house just like the 1990 parties that happened across the UK.

Feel the Groove (Underground Remix)

Rozalla – Faith (In The Power Of Love) [Teknokraft remix] – Pulse 8 Records

This remix wasn’t played that much, and most people know the original, but love the slightly darker edge this remix offers.

Rozalla - Faith ( In The Power of Love ) ( Teknokraft Mix ) 1991

Shades Of Rhythm – Sound Of Eden – ZTT

This is probably our most well-known composition and always surprises us when the crowd starts singing it back to us. We wrote it when we had little musical knowledge but that’s probably what makes it so different to anything else. It was originally an instrumental and when ZTT suggested putting vocals on it we weren’t very happy, but we thought we would humour them. I guess we learnt a valuable lesson! Thank you ZTT.

Shades Of Rhythm - Sound Of Eden - ZTT

Neil Howard – Indulge – Network Records

Proper uplifting feel from early 1990, really stood out at the time and still sounds fresh today. Network Records were really at the forefront and represented the wide genre of those early warehouse sounds.

Neil Howard - Indulge


CLS – Can You feel It (Prok & Fitch Remix) – Toolroom Records

The original was huge, and this Prok & Fitch remix keeps the energy of the original with a modern production update. We play lots of updates in our sets but try and keep the feel of the originals.

CLS - Can You Feel It (Prok & Fitch Remix)

Martin Ikin feat Byron Stingily – Devoted – Ultra

Love Martin Ikin productions, really like this one as he keeps the uplifting pianos but compliments it with a tougher bassline. Tunes with a ‘despair’ and ‘hope’ contrast always evoke emotion on the dancefloor.

Martin Ikin - Devoted feat. Byron Stingily (Visualizer) [Ultra Music]

Mr Jay – Go Insane (Dub Mix) – Cleveland City Records

This dub mix is close enough to the original to be called an update. Moby’s ‘Go’ was a classic and was important in the ping ponging production techniques flowing across the Atlantic between American and European producers at the time.

Zero B – Lock Up (Shadow Child & Rebuke Remix) – Food Music

The breakbeat on the original is slightly out of time which always made the DJ look like they were struggling to beat mix, but it’s what gave it the character. It’s probably one of the biggest tunes from back in the day. We always used to stand away from the mixer as if to say, “it’s not me!!” This update from Shadowchild keeps the essence of the original but still feels modern.

Zero B - Lock Up (Shadow Child & Rebuke Remix)


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