With multiple tracks getting into the Beatport techno top 10 charts and releases on revered labels such as Oliver Koletzki’s Stil Vor Talent and Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth On Acid labels, Transcode is getting high fives from tastemakers including Laurent Garnier, Joris Voorn, Pleasurekraft, Alan Fitzpatrick, Monika Kruse, ANNA, Wehbba and many more. He’s also been played on radio via DJs such as Anna Lunoe, B.Traits (BBC Radio 1), Deadmau5 (BBC Radio 1) and Eric Prydz (EPIC Radio). His energetic and deep, driven techno paints an endless soundscape laced with his own unique elaborate productions that ignore the generic rules and constraints of genres. Keeping the quality high, Transcode has a promising and exciting future ahead of him. DMCWORLD checks in…

Hi Transcode nice to meet you and how much did Manchester play in getting you into music and starting producing? 
Hi, nice to meet you too. Manchester played a huge part into why I got into producing and DJ-ing music. I used to go to illegal raves in college when I was young even before I could get into clubs and then moved on to big events at the Warehouse Project and Apollo etc. It massively influenced me and it’s the main reason why I got into it all.
Any particular people, clubs or events that  shaped you and can you tell us a bit about those times 
I think the first proper event I went to was a DnB night called “Ape” at the Apollo theatre. I just thought the music, production and everything about it was mind blowing at the time. I used to look up and the DJs and just knew it was something I wanted to get into and I was always super inspired to create something myself when I heard how powerful the music was on the night. 
One of techno’s rising production stars, how did you get your first break into production?
I started making DnB, Elektro and House music when I was younger but when I discovered techno in 2016 I fell in love with it straight away and knew this was the direction I wanted to go in. My first few tracks on Stil Vor Talent were definitely where I got my foot in the door in the scene and things have started to snowball ever since.
’Simulation’ was your 1st release on Oliver Koletzki’s Still Vor Talent label two years ago, how did you get to hook up with him and sign to his label?
Yes and it’s still one of my favourite tracks to date, I originally sent it to B. Traits who played it on BBC Radio 1 and also was played by ANNA and a few other DJs so I decided to send it to Stil Vor Talent just through their generic demo email address. I didn’t know the A&R at the time and sometimes when you send tracks through the label’s demo email address they get lost. However, I was really happy when I saw they listened to it and about 2 weeks I got an email saying they would love to sign it!
Notching up some amazing support from B.Traits (Radio 1), ANNA, and Alan Fitzpatrick – how did you first feel when you first realised it was a big tune and was there a particular incident that stands out – someone played it /crowd reaction etc ?
So I went to Sankeys in Manchester when ANNA was playing with Matador and Whyt Noyz for the Rukus tour and I was shocked when she played it in front of a packed out club and everyone was loving it! B.Traits playing it on BBC Radio 1 was also amazing but I remember the highlight being when I woke up one day to check the Beatport Techno Top 100 charts and seeing the track there. It was my first Beatport top 100 and then it quickly rose to number 17 was pretty remarkable for one of my first ever techno releases.
Darren Emerson and Whyt Noyz have since remixed your tracks and you’ve enjoyed incredible support from techno’s  taste makers. What’s been the recording highlight of your career to date and what makes it so special?
Yes it was definitely a privilege to have such great artists remix my work. It’s hard to pinpoint one highlight but my first Beatport Top 10 on Stil Vor Talent was a big moment. Also my first vinyl release on What Came First with remixes from Secret Cinema and OC & Verde is pretty special too 😉
You’ve also recorded quite a bit for Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth On Acid label, how did you guys come together? 
Well I’d been following Reinier’s music for a while when he was releasing on Stil Vor Talent and always thought he was a super talented producer. I noticed he had just created a new label so I messaged his Soundcloud and said that I would love to send some demos. We got chatting and he loved most of the tracks I sent him so we arranged 2 EPs and since then I’ve met him at several events across Europe and we’ve developed a cool relationship and became friends. 
With a new release on Egg LDN’s What Came First label and debut DJ set at the Familia party on December 8th, you’re rounding off 2018 in style. What have been your highlights of the year so far?
Yes I’m super excited about that release and my debut for Familia! There have been a few big highlights this year and playing the Drumcode showcase at Warehouse Project was probably the best highlight. I’ve wanted to play there for years as It was a huge influence on me growing up and getting into the music industry. Also my remix for Hidden Empire reached the Top 10 on Beatport this year and is already my best-selling track to date. Doing a B2B with Weska at the Filth On Acid party at ADE festival was super fun too!
Can you tell us about your future plans and do you have any people you would particularly like to work with or for?
I’ve signed a track to Monika Kruse’s label Terminal M which should be coming out in the first 2 months of next year. I’m also currently working with Stil Vor Talent and Filth On Acid for releases next year and I’m just about to sign an EP to Secret Cinema’s label GEM too. There are 1 or 2 other labels that I would like to hit up in the future and I would love to work with Victor Ruiz, Thomas Schumacher or Enrico Sangiuliano one day as they are up there with my favourite producers.
Before you leave can you tell us something we don’t know about you…
I like to keep fit and lift weights at the gym and I also go running and cycling sometimes to keep in shape. I love anything to do with music so aside from making music for myself I also run my own mastering business where I mix and master tracks for producers and labels on the side. I also tutor people on how to make music and co run events in my home city. I’m a studio nerd so I seem to be naturally drawn to this kind of stuff haha
Transcode’s ‘Distorted Time EP’ is out on vinyl now featuring Secret Cinema and OC & Verde remixes on What Came First and catch Transcode at Familia this Saturday 8 December spinning alongside Victor Ruiz and Deborah De Luca at Egg LDN.