Twenty Feet Down

With a huge wealth of studio experience and an impressive catalogue of internationally acclaimed hits clocked on the likes of Sirup Music, Enormous Chills, Muve and Le Mans Recordings (to name a few), hotly-tipped Swiss artist Twenty Feet Down has the production skills to rival the very best in the industry. Fresh off the back of his huge vocal record Numb with Nino Lucarelli back in April, the legendary Cape Town-based talent – better known to his friends and family as Michel Lüchinger – now returns to Blue Crane Records with another hefty cut, as he delivers his formidable new original single, Animal. An upbeat and uplifting house offering, beaming with Twenty Feet Down’s soulful flair and atmospheric panache, Animal is everything we could have hoped for and more from the in-form Swiss producer, who delivers rousing basslines, vivacious rhythms and expertly manipulated vocals across the three-and-a-half minute duration. Due for heavy rotation across international playlists and radio airwaves over the weeks and months to come, Twenty Feet Down is a name you’ll be hearing a lot more of over the course of 2021. We caught up with Michel to find out more.


Hi Michel and a very warm welcome to DMC World! How are you?

Hey guys, thanks for having me! I’m very well, thanks

First things first, please can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Sure. My name is Michel, better known as Twenty Feet Down and I’m an Electronic Music Artist, born and raised in one of the most beautiful cities in the World, Zurich.

How would you best describe your brand of electronic music?

Well, Twenty Feet Down stands for a groovy and bassy Sound with that “feel good” vibe. I always try to stay in my musical world, even if it’s a deep track or a more mainstream production. It depends a bit on the source material you work with. With a great vocal, I really try to build the music around it and let it stand out. With a more deep, instrumental club track, I try to focus more on the dancefloor and the people in the club

Congratulations on your new single ‘Animal’. What can fans expect from this release?

Thank you. Animal is a bit a mix of both worlds. Its more a deep track with dark basses and a dark vocal, but on the other hand it’s also mainstream and great to dance to.


Let’s talk about your artist name Twenty Feet Down. What’s the inspiration behind that?

Hahaha, that’s always fun to read/hear where the dj’s and producers got the name from, like Disclosure or others. Well, to be really honest, there was a TV Series in the past that I really loved. Its name was 6 FEET UNDER. when I was looking for a name, anyhow that series cam into my head and flew around with all possible names I tried. At the end, I was really fascinated with twenty feet down and voila, the artist name was born

How did you come to release on Blue Crane Records?

BCR or Blue Crane Records is my own imprint which I started 2 years ago as I really wanted to produce and release Songs that I LIKE. Music that stands for ME and not for labels, others or “trends”. This was for me the best way to really bring my vision of music onto the market. Whether it’s been liked by whoever, if I LOVE it, I’ll release it and maybe a few music lovers also like it

Do you have any other releases on the label upcoming that you’d like to share with us?

There will be a lot more releases soon, yes. The next single is already done and in the pipeline and its called “Low Life” . A real “Feel Good” Anthem, just to enjoy and listen in repeat! We’ll keep you updated, but release should be around end of August

When did you become a producer and what were you doing before you decided to make a leap into the world of music?

I was DJ for about 15 years before I started to focus on music production. DJiing was fun, but I wanted to create my own visions, my own music, my understanding of composing a song.

Do you also DJ?

Twenty Feet Down was initially planned with a friend who would go as DJ as I really wanted to focus as Producer, like Dash Berlin or Meduza do. But as I did it now without him, we would have to decide if he’s coming back in and we do it together or he’s DJing or I go. But Twenty Feet Down, as the question was, is doing DJ’ing/gigs, yes

What do you have coming up over the course of 2021? Any exciting projects or touring you can talk to us about? 

Like I said, there are many releases in the pipeline. For example, Low Life will have a video production and will be released around the single release date

Any final words for our DMC World readers?

Every single listener is really appreciated as it is what we are working for. To bring the people Joy in these difficult days and brighten up your days with music.

Thanks for your time Michel!

Thanks for having me

Twenty Feet Down – Animal is out now via Blue Crane Records