Exclusive interview with Spain’s No. 1 DJ who just can’t stop delivering the beats


Hey David, welcome to DMCWORLD. A busy 2013 for you already with a full remix package of your ‘You Can’t Stop The Beat’ already doing dancefloor damage thanks to Jasper Clash, DJ Dero, Albert Neve and Walker Barnard on re-work duties. Why did you choose these artists in particular…?

“Hey Dan. Well…I wanted to get some more styles on the song as the original is quite pop and my own remix more techy, so we have now a wide vision of the song.”

You hail from Madrid – music must have been in your blood from an early age as you were hosting a weekend radio show for Top Radio…at the age of 13 !! Have you hailed from a musical family?

“I’ve been listening to music with my family my whole life…but nobody makes music, it’s just me.”

Tell us about the early radio show, what was the musical policy that you were spinning all those years ago?

“From the very early beginning it was electronic music, bands like New Order, Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk.”

What can you tell us about the collaboration with Ron Carroll coming out in March?

“We love and respect each other since many years ago and we wanted to work together…so we did it and the result is very good (at least in my opinion LOL). My music with his lyrics and voice makes sense a lot…quite Balearic we feel.”

It has been impossible to touch down in Ibiza and not know immediately that Wally Lopez will be playing at Space every Wednesday. Your face is plastered everywhere on billboards! How did that feel seeing your face up there for the first time?

“That was amazing…like a dream come true…even now it still puts a big smile on my face.”

We love the story concerning you walking into Pacha with your girlfriend for the first time and told her if you ‘worked really hard I may play here in 7 or 8 years”. Six months later you were spinning there and securing a residency! What is it about Pacha and their cherries that make this club so special?

“Hahhahahaah – that’s a good one!!! Mr Paul Oakenfold was playing!! I won’t ever forget that night! I think it is all about the history behind that club…there is magic all around…I’m still in love with Pacha and go as much as I can…at least..as a custumer!”

Danny Whittle infamously was shown the door last September…what are you expecting from the new team and their approach in 2013?

“I love Danny a lot…he’s one of the cleverest guys I have ever had the pleasure to meet and he put Pacha on the worldwide map for sure! But now it’s exciting to see what is going happen there. I don’t have too much info about it so can’t wait to find out!“

Who were your early DJ heroes?

“People like Danny Tenaglia, Deep Dish, Todd Terry, Frankie Knuckles and Morales of course…then Morillo was a guy to follow when I begun to play internationally…and in Spain Oscar Mulero was my super mega very first hero.” 

The other massive Lopez news right now is that you are putting the finishing touches to your new artist album which will be coming out in the summer on EMI. What can you tell us about style / collabs / tracks etc.?

“Yes!!! I’ve been working on it for a year…too much now tbh – haha! Artists such as Sonique, Jay Collins and Ricki Lee are on it providing some vocals…and Ron Carrol of course. I am also very proud and happy with a song I did with Sister Bliss….and…we also have a very last minute surprise for the album too but can’t say yet.”

Why is Space the best club in the world?

“I think it is because it is all about the fiesta…good sound system…good DJs…I’m going to miss it a lot because I’m not sure I’m going to be back again.” 

Tell us more…

“When I moved from Pacha to Space it was because I was stuck at Pacha and Space offered me the possibility to grow musically…now I’m feeling stuck in Space and I don’t want to stop growing musically…we will see.”

You seem a very down to earth, grounded DJ…which is so refreshing in today’s $200,000 an hour set that young kids are earning these days. What are your thoughts on the whole EDM scene that is sweeping the world with headliners just out of their nappies?

“Who wants to be richer and younger??? Ahhahahhaah! I don’t mind the others… but it’s true that lately I’m not seeing much respect for the oldies…the first thing I learnt was to respect the people who began this scene…and it should always be that way…so…giving big respect to those earning the 200k pay cheques, but hey, respect the others!” 

You infamously contacted the Spanish promoter of Madonna’s concert in Seville back in 2008 asking to warm up for her. Madonna gave you the thumbs up personally – what was the highlight of that little evening?!?

“Maybe to share a stage with her? And also to reach to a different kind of crowd with my music.”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning?

1. Wally Lopez Feat Ron Carrol Love N Music Original plus Wally Lopez ,Sascha Sonido abd Arjun Vagale Remixes – Emi Music

2. M.in “When I Rock”  Piemont Remix – The Factoria

3. Wally Lopez “You Can´t Stop The Beat” feat Jamie Scott of Grafitti6  Wally Lopez Factomania Remix – Emi Music

4. Doomwork “This ” Mihalis Safras WMC Remix – King Streets Sounds

5. Fat Boy Slim Right Here Right Now Edgar – VM Rewok

6. Alex Gomez & Bias “ Thank U Beat” Original Mix – SK Supreme

7. Will Monotone “Rulers Of The Game” Original Mix – Nirvana

8. Ori Undo ” To Be safe ” Original Mix – Formula Recs

9.Antonio Piacquadio “Glorious” Original Mix – Deeperfect

10. Bias & Edgar VM “Magnetico” Contest Remixes – Factomania Digital

I read somewhere that you love nothing more than sitting down with your English friends and eating baked beans on toast. Really? Is that the best we Brits can come up with?

“HAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I have always loved baked beans since the very first time that my amigo Steve Lawler cooked them for me many years ago…but the Brits have many more great things – such as their great humour or even the new Range Rover!“

Now that the dust has settled on 2012, what are your thoughts looking back at the 123 Festival in Ibiza with Elton John, Lenny Kravitz etc.? The daytime was quiet as it was too hot, the event didn’t sell out – did you think it was a success and what are your thoughts on 2013?

“It was a pity because I knew they created it with a lot of vision and passion…but I think the dates were wrong. I played on the same day of the European Final between Italy and Spain. Also Ibiza is not really into the concert show right now. But hey, this was their first step and I´d love to play again but I’m still waiting for the phone to ring…” 

Tell us about some new young DJs we should be watching out for in 2013?

“No one has surprised me in a long time.” 

You have homes in Madrid and Ibiza. Every year there are changes in Ibiza, new 5 star hotels, big new roads, people arriving from new countries every summer. Do you think the island still has it’s charm – are we in danger of losing one of the true magical places left on the planet?

“I’m not afraid at all about Ibiza…the island will take care of itself and will always be amazing…during the winter it is magical place and come the summer when everyone arrives, it is a very exciting place to be…so…take care of the island…and enjoy its beauty and charm.”

What is the best record you have ever played to a dance floor?

“Maybe my remix of ‘Just A Little More Love’…”

And finally young man. A schoolmate gave you your nickname because he said you looked like the Where’s Wally? cartoon character. Has that kid from school got any idea just what a monster he has created?!?

“Hahahahahahaha!!!! I think he has! And perhaps he is looking for some royalties…lol.”

Thanks dude. See you in Ibiza…

“Thanks Dan for an amazing interview!”


You Can’t Stop The Beat official video from the original mix release: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUTezvLyKF0
You Can’t Stop The Beat – Albert Neve Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uM5JbOA3PAQ
You Can’t Stop The Beat – Jasper Clash Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVm4LMSHYgA