XtetiQsoul (aka Siyabonga Hugo Ziqubu) is a fresh young talent who hails from Durban, who has been steadily been carving a name for himself on the deep and Afro House scene for the past 6 years. As he get’s ready to drop his new ‘Better Places’ single on Afrocentric, DMCWorld gets deep and soulful with the main man.. 


A huge welcome to DMCWORLD XtetiQsoul, where on planet earth are you today?
I’m in South Africa.
What is the best piece of new music you have heard recently?
I has to be ‘Resistance’ by Da Capo feat. Renee Thompson.
Tell us bit about how you first got into making music?
Back in 2010 I had a love of djing and editing existing songs. I ended up learning to create my own music. I first gained recognition in 2013 for my bootleg ‘Moment’ by Musaria featuring Saturna which received global radio support.
How would you describe your sound?
It’s made up of different styles within the Afro House genre, with an orchestral style signature to it.
You’re soon releasing your new ‘Better Places’ single on Afrocentric, tell us about the song and what can we expect to hear? 
It’s a great jam for me personally. A song filled with drums and strings and a powerful vocal from Ay J.
You’ve worked with South African singer Ay J, how did you link up with him?
We were actually from the same neighbourhood in Johannesburg. His vocal performance back at the time when we recorded the song was both incredible and inspiring.
The release also features remixes from Martin Landsky and Luis Radio, what did they bring to the table and are you happy with the results?
I love both sounds each of them have brought. The Martin Landsky remix brings that German underground dance vibe and Luis Radio’s Soulful House remix is just plain incredible.
What’s your take on Afro Tech?
A fresh and powerful sound I believe, it’s slowly making its presence across the worlds dance floors.
Who would you most like to work with in the future?
To work with childhood inspirations like Amè, Henrik Schwartz, Manoo, Black Coffee and Culoe De Song would be amazing. 
You’ve released on labels such as MoBlack, Afrocentric, Nulu, Soulistic Music, Iklwa Brothers Music, among others, have you got a personal favourite release and why?
Currently ‘The Beast EP’ on Iklwa Brothers Music as it gives a taste on my touch of Afro Tech sound.
What’s your favourite piece of studio kit and where do you get your inspiration from when writing?
The strings! My inspiration actually comes with the mood I’m in at the time. It’s non specific, I’ve learnt to flow through whatever inspiration I get and then create.
Three big tunes in your record box this weeekend?
1 XtetiQsoul – Anointed
2 Da Capo – Umbovukazi
3 Kususa – Inkinobo
Your ‘Retro Compilation’ has recently been released on Iklwa Brothers Music, what music gems have you unearthed for us?
I’ve compiled a series of old songs I made back between 2012-2014. Its filled with lots of remixes I did including Agoria, The Layabouts, Kent, Black Motion and many others.
Back in 2015 you released your debut album ‘Fantasy’, have you any plans for a follow up and what else have you got in the pipeline that you can tell us about?
Yes! I’m currently working on a great 7 track Ep with a many features. As for another album, I’m still patient on that, maybe next year or in 2020.
What was the first dance record you bought?
‘Into The Shadows’ The Dream (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix)  by Jay Tripwire
Who would you most like to play a B2B DJ set with?
Black Coffee, he is a decks genius.
Which gigs are you most looking forward to playing this summer?
Kenya and Ghana. I love the Kenyan dance culture and I’m very excited to get to play in Ghana.
XtetiQsoul Feat. Ay J ‘Better Places’ will be released on Traxsource promo June 29th / July 6th  2018 on Afrocentric Records