Saturday 21 August
at Dex Club Rooftop Terrace

Special Guest: TOM MIDDLETON

Following the bank holiday roadblock with Greg Wilson we are back for more terrace action with the fantastic TOM MIDDLETON on Sat 21 August. In the midst of embarking on a burgeoning summer’s festival season, taking in Big Chill, Creamfields & Bestival to name a few, Tom joins us up on the roof to show off his irrepressible thirst for all musical forms from breakbeat to baroque.

To the untrained eye Tom Middleton is just another DJ. Beard, box of records, bounces behind the decks. You seen one, you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong. Tom is no ordinary DJ. He’s a true scientist, a self-proclaimed research freak who spends his life consuming information in the pursuit of authenticity, clarity and truth.

As a DJ he’s performed in almost every corner of the globe to crowds as large as 150,000. With his trademark widescreen musical repertoire, he’s spent years championing styles long before they were the norm, helping Ulrich Schnauss develop his career and hosting Hot Chip and Mylo’s festival debut appearances. From ambient to drum & bass, techno to rock n’ roll, his attention to detail allows him to find connections between the most disparate forms of music, uniting every genre with technical skill, utilising all manner of forward thinking technologies. Such versatility has also scored him a wide range of remixes, too, with artists as far flung as Prince and All Saints.

Researching each and every project with eagle eyed glee, Tom approaches every venture, from productions to DJ mixes, with the attention to detail that’s usually reserved for the likes of architects, surgeons, engineers and (ahem) two bit biography writers. His mix CDs such as ‘The Sound Of The Cosmos’, ‘3D’ and ‘The Trip 2’ show true precision and forethought with Tom spending hours of preparation studying the key of each track and how they relate to each other. His ‘Crazy Covers’ compilations reveal an encyclopaedic knowledge of contemporary popular music from the 1950s to this very day. Not to mention a sense of humour!

Residents Rich Smith and Will Forbes support at London’s best outdoor party space, joined by Lazy Funkerz. Em Williams. Evil Hypnotist, and with a new canopy to keep out any inclement weather, resplendant with brand new BBQ, cocktails and refurbished hot tub.

‘Best outside space in London’ – Mixmag

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO FROM THE GREG WILSON PARTY!/video/video.php?v=393880318870&ref=mf




Slide at Dex:
Recommended in Metro, Time Out London, IDJ & The London Paper

event: SLIDE On The Terrace DAYTIME PARTY
date: Saturday 21 August
at: Dex Club Rooftop Terrace, 467-469 Brixton Road, Brixton

DJ’s: Tom Middleton + Basement Boogaloo DJs. Rich Smith. Will Forbes, Lazy Funkerz. Em Williams. Evil Hypnotist

Hot Tub. Barbeque. Cocktail Bar on the Dex Terrace

Times: 2pm-late

Tickets: £8 advance. Available from