An Englishman In…?
DJ Phil Perry

The Colnbrook ‘Full Circle’ club Sunday host, and all time house hero has moved to Brisbane in Australia – let’s find out what’s going on in his world then…

So Phil, from the M4 to Australia! What made you pack your bags?

“I now live in Brisbane. The reason I left the UK was mainly for my three year old son so he could have a better life rather than being stuck in a crime filled UK. The weather was a factor too. As for myself, I am going to learn how to fly.”

‘Full Circle’ – a truly seminal, seminal all day club. What are your best memories from those days?

“Full Circle. There are so many memories to choose from. One of my faves is when Robert Owens played  the club. I was DJing playing a nice deep percussive number when Robert leaned of my shoulder and asked me for a microphone – I duly obliged. He then began to to sing the line from ‘Tears’ “Dripping and dropping, dropping, dropping and dripping” – then went into the full song. The dance floor just exploded. He  then followed it with ‘I’ll  Be Your Friend…. the hairs still stand up on the back of my neck today, amazing Other memories are of all the DJ’s that that played that at the time a lot of people had never heard of such as Danny Tenaglia who ripped the the place apart. The crowd were just amazed.”

What’s the best thing about living in Australia?

“I have only been here since May, so I haven’t had much chance for clubbing. Been to some great bars, The Bowery in Fortitude Valley is a great little bar, really nice ambience and good music. The Fox Hotel in the West End has a great roof terrace and a great vibe. On the beach front where do i start ? If you go down to the Gold Coast, Currumbin Beach is NICE. Great views of Surfers Paradise from it. If you go north of Brizzy you have got Moolooaba Beach – more of a relaxed vibe, then a bit further north you have Noosa Heads which is more up market with great restaurants and bars – also a very nice beach and has a bit of a BoHo feel about it.

What do you miss about England?

“To be honest the only things I miss are my family and my friends. Oh and a decent curry – I can’t get one for love or money!”

What don’t you like about living out there?

“One of the main bug bears here is the standard of driving. Queenslanders cannot drive to save there arses, I think Stevie Wonder could drive a Ford Cortina around the Swiss Alps better.”

I partied with you once in Mykonos at Club Paradiso and all over Ibiza. Where around the world do you regard as the best spots you’ve DJ’d at?

“I’ve DJ’d in most countries on the planet. They all have there own special vibe. On the European aspect, I think that Cavo Paradiso was a great place for me and obviously Ibiza. On the American side of things, Twilo in NYC was a blast, and last but not least, Australia. I first played here at the ID Magazine World Tour Party with Kid Batchelor in 1990 at the Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre. It was the first time I  had played to a 20,000 plus crowd – nervous to say the least. The crowd were very much up for it, It turned out to be a memorable night.”

What have you started eating in Oz that you didn’t here?

“Well if I  do start eating Kangaroo scrotum, you’ll be the first to know”.