A Kingpin in today’s music scene…

Felix, you are a prolific songwriter – you penned ‘Overload’ for the Sugababes which was monstrous and have also written tunes for Kylie Minogue, Amy Winehouse, Beverly Knight, Sia and Holly Valance and also co-written with the likes of Johnny Rockstar, Matt Rowe, James McMillan and Tommy D- what is your proudest piece of work you’ve done?

“Its hard to say- I live in the proceeds of some of my bigger co-writes,  but some of the crazier stuff I did with Sam Frank and Jenna G – we called the project ‘Graceless Kelly’ ! was great fun, or some of the straighter songs I wrote with Peter Vettese were good – like ‘Beg’ that we wrote for the Leon Jean Marie’s album, but that didn’t really do anything. So the tunes that any writer might be the proudest of aren’t necessarily the bigger hits. “Electromagnetic” which was the tune I wrote with Free Form Five was a fun thing to do.”

What is your role at EMI Publishing?

“My official designation is VP, A&R and International.  I look after my roster of artists and writers plug songs for other peeps projects and look for new things to sign and old things to acquire. I lie, cheat, steal, beguile and generally have a lovely time.”

Your mom is from New York –  have you spent a lot of time clubbing in the Big Apple?

“Yes, I like the mix in NY –  you can go from an arthouse thing with a bunch of kids in Queens or Brooklyn where everyone is painted red and screaming into microphones in an old warehouse, or a big gay club where the newest tunes are coming out and everyone is getting thier dance on. Or even an uptown place where the people are perfect in single perfect scary way.”

Calvin Harris and Sam Sparro – two fucking major signings for you over the past twelve months…

“They are both lovely people but very different people. My son Herbie won’t let me play anything in the car unless its Calvin, Sam or Elvis Costello – so I owe a lot to his little ears..?”

What do you think of the current state of the UK music industry today?

“I’ve known no other business. My dad and his dad were in it. I love it. If you really, really, want to make money in the music business, get into Festival catering. A fiver for a bacon sarnie!!?! 20 quid for 3 Burritos!!!”

Who are you working with at the moment that maybe the dance world may not have heard of but you are particularly excited about?
“Primary1, James Yuill, Diane Birch, Rox, Little Boots, Dan Black, Frank Music, I could go on….”

What has been your best ever clubbing moment? 

Tommy D’s stag in Ibiza was ridiculous. The first week Ministry opened was amazing, Also at DC10 when my friend vaulted the bar and started serving drinks to the punters – yes, they chucked him out.  Going out in Istanbul and seeing ALL THOSE KIDS raving.