‘The Miami Winter Music Conference’ – March 24th – 28th 2009 (and I will be going to this with bells on)

Last year, 2,211 artists and DJs participated in over 537 total events presented across the greater Miami area during WMC week. Founded in 1985 as a platform for the advancement of the music industry, the WMC program includes seminars, meetings, receptions and parties throughout the week with personalities and innovators from all aspects of the business worldwide. Overall more than 62,000 participants and 3,726 delegates from 70 countries attended, making it the largest industry program of it’s kind in the world. Expect an even larger turn out for 2009. The press release is a load of old wank going on about the Awards, Conferences, Seminars etc. f*ck that shit. We all know that Miami week is this: the parties, hotel room afters, dinners in totally over the top places like The Forge, arriving back at Heathrow with a new suitcase full of trainers, mixing with the likes of Pharrell on a roof top party, lying on a beach surrounded by babes with false boobs, sitting at the Delano sipping a cocktail and pushing Eric Morillo in the pool. And then legging it.