The festival season is fast approaching (hurrah!) and Varta has recently launched the ultimate gadget to ensure that revellers get the most out of their festival experience.

Spending the weekend in a field camping makes it tricky for festival goers to charge gadgets like mobile phones and digital cameras, which they often rely on to capture the experience and keep in touch with friends across the festival site. Thankfully, Varta’s portable battery charger, the V-Man Power Pack, provides the perfect pocket-sized solution, giving access to quick, safe and reliable power on the move, and eliminating the need for revellers to pack numerous chargers.

The V-Man offers peace of mind by providing a flexible and uniquely designed solution for charging portable high-tech gadgets away from the mains, including mobile phones, MP3 players and digital cameras – standard kit for most festival goers.

One fully charged V-Man stores enough power to fully charge up to two flat mobile phone batteries or 10 MP3 players, and its comprehensive adapter kit and USB functionality – which includes the soon-to-be-standard micro-USB – allow the V-Man to be used with almost every type of mobile phone and MP3 player on the market. What’s more, it’s fitted with a Lithium-ion battery, which means that gadgets can be completely charged from the V-Man within one to two hours so there’s no waiting around!

The V-Man itself can be conveniently charged in one of two ways. Either from the mains, with the V-Man Plug mains adapter, or via a USB port on a PC or laptop. After just five hours, it is fully charged and ready to be used anytime and anywhere, providing reassurance to festival goers that they need never be left stranded without power.

An essential gadget for music festivals, the V-Man Power Pack is a complete portable power solution:
– Ultra-slim and lightweight, so it won’t weigh users down.
– Stylish white design.
– Fitted with a state-of-the-art charge button. When pushed, three blue LEDs will indicate the V-Man’s charge level.
– Comes with a seven-piece adapter kit and a special USB adapter, meaning it can be used to charge a wide variety of devices, so no need to pack separate chargers.
– The set also contains a V-Man Plug mains adapter, a charging adapter, a USB extension cord and a protective carry case.
The V-Man Power Pack set is available from, with a RRP of £34.99: