Get Loaded In The Park, London
Sunday August 24th

Big up the best festival in London with Get Loaded who after five years have ensured smashed heads on acid teds raving to the likes of The Streets and The Happy Mondays, the Lockandloadevents posse have just announced that Clapham Common (no work on Monday!) have just added Noah And The Whale to the line up with Supergrass, Kate Nash, Gossip, Mylo, Iggy & The Stoogees, Gogol Bordello, The Hives and a whole load of other names. But fuck that. Best best, best news? The after party at The Clapham Grand. A Flashing fancefloor (go sis), Gio Goi in the house dishing out some trendy togs and Reverend & The Makers’ Jon McClure with DJ Yoda ensuring we all wake up Monday afternoon wondering just who the fuck’s house we are in. As long as it’s not Stixy’s…


Bloom Festival, Cheltenham
Friday August 8th

Okay here’s the sketch. Bloom is without doubt one of the coolest festivals on the planet this summer. I should know, I have more tent pegs than the cast from Carry On Camping. So Chew The Fat, Ewan Pearson, the Electric Chair mob, Meat Katie will all be on my mind as I dip my toes in the bath weekend – but no, it’s DMC Events Manager Sally McClintock who will be steering the good ship DMC in her wellies and here is what anyone – and I mean anyone (as this kid knows her shit) should take and what er, to take, at Bloom this summer weekend…

1. Sally’s kit when she is not in the sh*t…
Tissues for the end of the evening home run – or the morning glory clean up
Sunglasses for the “how are we are going to get past the security moment”
Lipgloss – girl moment
Chewing gum – heel moment
Money for drinks – boy moment

2. Cool At Bloom
Guy Williams
Kraak And Smaak
London Breakbeat Orchestra
The Scratch Perverts
Shades of Rhythm
The Nextmen
Trojan soundsystem

3. Not Cool At Bloom
Waiting for a piss
Seeing where to piss
Guest list – sorry but, er hello?
The home trip – just not needed


Creamfields, Liverpool, Europe, the world…
Saturday August 23rd

Sometimes you just have to listen to the DJs about an event…
Paul Van Dyk – ” Ten Years of fantastic electronic music”
Tiesto –  “It’s one of the highlights of my year”
Eddie Halliwell – “The crowd”
Ferry Corsten – “Consistent quality”
James Zabiela – “A proper northern rave up”
Sasha – “Bring on the 20th Anniversary – I love the people”
Paul Oakenfold – “The crowd it draws, that’s what makes Creamfields the unique festival it is…”

But we don’t just want to hear from people who only see bobbing heads and mashed up faces, we want to hear from those out the front tearing it up. Over to Cream’s Gill Nightingale and why you just can’t miss one of the biggest weekend’s on the DMC Clubbing Diary…

“Van Dyk spinning for two hours on Saturday, Tiesto on Sunday, the bonding sessions that go on in the campsite like only we northerners do best, there is no other festival with such a diverse musical line up or on site attractions, it’s Bank Holiday weekend so make the most of it, the Creamfields crowds are the original clubbers and 48 hour party people, because you can hire tents from Tangerine Fields or Podpads and don’t have to worry about the dirty work, there’s nothing like waking up in a disco field with friends, strangers and like minded people from all around the world all ready to do it again, it’s one of the final blow outs of the summer, you can become part of the next generation of Creamfields clubbers. And you wouldn’t want to miss a minute.”


V Festival, Chelmsford, Weston Park
August 16th/17th

Big up for V who yet again bring us the likes of Travis, Muse, Calvin Harris, The Prodigy and Kaiser Chiefs (although Goldie Lookin Chain – have a word) but have again brought us The Sessions Stage championing new music – new talent and new people to shout about. Welcome then some names we know and some names we’re gonna know…Carbon/Silicon, Infadels, Sugarush Beat Company, Bryn Christopher, Attic Lights, Team Waterpolo, One Eskimo, Lost Boys, The Midway State, Julian Velard, The New York Fund, Gary Go, The Dodos and Das Pop. Nice one.