Pal Sorli is a man of many faces as we know and this man also has a rich history with DMC as he has been in this game for way over 20 years and has been a key figure within the DJ scene in the Nordic part of Europe for some decades now. His established imprint Vier Deep Digital mostly serves more deeper house vibes in their releases but as mentioned before you never quite know what you get with Pal aka Addvibe. His new artist album entitled ‘We’ underlines this fact more than ever, it is an amazing compilation of tracks that cover all the main genres within House, with the uplifting ‘The Piano’ or the anthemic ‘I Wanna Thank You’ , the Afro house pearl ‘Kashi Mama’ , the outstanding vocal performance on ‘Nothing Back’, the melodic delightfulness of ‘Separate Ways’ or classic deeper tracks like ‘Borasus’ or ‘When In Doubt’. Track of the album for me is the outstanding ‘Take Cover’, a piano powered tune that has got dozens of Soul, Funk, Jazz whilst being fuelled by an amazing beat programming. This is how an album should be built up and it’s a very welcome return for Pal into album territories. Wonderful!

Reviewed by MANNIX
4.5 out of 5