Afterlife ‘Summer Of Love EP’ (SUBATOMIC)

When Steve Miller aka Afterlife goes to work, my eyes are usually wide open. As mentioned on these pages before, he surely is one of only a handful of persons, who can be regarded as a true legend when it comes to establishing the modern Chillout sound. The man has released many artist albums which cover this genre and now seems to have fallen in love with the EP format. His own Subatomic imprint is home of his newest offering ‘Summer Of Love’ again, and compared to his recent releases this EP is a bit more housey, which is quite a good move in my opinion. The title track is a dreamy piano infused sunny Deep House affair, whilst ‘Fou’ still is powered by a (much slower) House beat, but in general has an a bit more abstract vibe to it. ‘To See You Again’ is the perfect Chill House track, even in this very special year 2020. This is the music you can see yourself watching a sundowner whilst sipping a tasty cocktail. ‘The Quiet’ probably is the most classic Afterlife tune on this EP-if you loved his releases on Hed Kandi, you will love that one as well. The package is closed by ‘Code Red’, a very interesting track which fuses elements from Reggae, Dub and House to a perfect result. All in all this is another masterpiece from Mister Miller-may he carry on like this for a very long time!

4.5 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX