Aline Rocha Feat. Aria Lyric ‘Preach’ (Incl. DJ Spen & Reelsoul and MicFreak & Lee Buxton Mixes) Quantize Recordings

Aline Rocha brings her fresh soulful dance flames to the Quantize camp with her debut single for the label, ‘Preach’. Powered by a catchy soul-drenched vocal performance from Aria Lyric (The Shapeshifters), Aline delivers a smooth 80’s influenced NuDisco soundtrack, ripe with funky guitars, suave key melodies and punchy beats. DJ Spen & Reelsoul transport the song to the Soulful House arena, adding their signature class, whilst their Hump Mix strips back the vocal, shining a light on the bassline, twinkly arps and killer drums. Rounding off this brilliant release, MicFreak & Lee Buxton ramp up the energy on a chunky main room romp, pumped with a bouncing bassline and jackin’ beats.
Reviewed by Ratha Gud