Described as an ‘acoustic journal’, Lela Amapro’s collection of six relatively short tracks is designed to catch the end of the day, specifically the last of the light, the long shadows and the breeze – all in a hot area. It does so with a lovely warmth to the guitar sound and also the harmonies she uses, so that the listener is lulled into that lovely place of stillness, where they can watch the world winding down. ‘Oakwood’ does a nice line in subtle slide guitar, and like the following ‘Coastal Dusk’ it does a really nice play in softly shaded loops that drift weightlessly. The joy of this music lies in its detail, and also in the bigger spaces that tracks like ‘Dalslands Honey’ allow, giving the listener time to step back from the intricacies and to just let the nice, warm fuzz of guitar sounds wash over you. Very nicely done.
Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5