We hear a lot these days about the need to relax the mind against a barrage of social media and technology, so if you’re looking for something to fit that particular bill the second volume of Ann Annie’s ‘Atmospheres’ will do just nicely. The aim is to foster a connection between music and the natural world, and the Denver-based artist opens up these channels with wide open textures, slowly shifting thoughts and big reverberation. Tracks like ‘Oceans Away’ have everything but the spray of the water on your face, with thick ambience that depicts the clouds and the waves with a surprisingly vivid touch. These pictures are active and have plenty of movement through what is a slow basic tempo, so it’s nice to get the contrast of Ann Annie’s closing thoughts, ‘Reflections’ and ‘Latitude’ both hitting a calm and pure tonality. The former uses a rougher electro rhythm, the latter takes its foot off the gas again, completing a very recommendable series of relaxed recordings.

Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5