Robin Koek and Nick Lapien are Artefakt, a Dutch duo who have pooled their solo talents to make some beautifully shaded techno productions. ‘Kinship’, as its title implies, doesn’t have anything confrontational about it particularly, but it’s not an album without substance, using four to the floor techno in a way that is both ambient and stimulating. ‘Fernweh’ sums it up best, with expansive chords, solid four to the floor beat and a more acidic bass, while ‘Entering The City’ shows their ability to create some deep and fuzzy feelings and pictures. Beats aren’t always required – they finish with the drifting textures of ‘Tapeloop 1’ – but at its best this album demands some sort of response from the feet. Another feather in Delsin’s cap for sure.
Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5

Artefakt - Kinship - Delsin Records (122dsr)