Attraktors ‘Heavy Water/Maximum/Minimum’ (RON BASEJAM MIXES) (HIGHER LOVE)

Although I state this release as Disco, it certainly ain’t Disco, but I just can’t assign this release towards a certain genre. What I know is, that it is extremely funky and that’s why I call it Disco.  Attraktors have been making chuggy, Kraftwerk inspired electronica in the East Midlands for a while, John Thompson, James Flower and Anthony Hodgkinson released their self-titled album last year on Vivod. On this EP Attraktors join forces with Ron Basejam, who of course is one main member of Crazy P but has come up with many great solo productions and remixes in the past years. ‘Heavy Water’ rushes in on a siren-like synthetic fanfare, while dramatic percussion promises some kind of imminent lift-off. Ron Basejam delivers a dynamic, deep, bottom-heavy mid tempo chug, tested by depth-charge sonar blips. A menacing LFO arpeggio propels the piece out onto the peak-time dancefloor. Certainly one for those magical 4am moments on Disco floors. ‘Maximum Minimum’ is a lot faster and initially subdues with its cinematic synths, and cosmic squiggles. Counterpointing this gurgling gear with theremin sighs and epic keys, a riot of rumbling motorik funk with chunky bass, gets its punk edges buffed by pretty prog harmonies, as the track evolves into an opulent, vocoder-ed, expanse. The piano rolls, as that robotic voice readies you for ignition on this stomping cosmic disco rocket. All in all this an essential piece of Electronica vs Disco and the best of it: you can get it on limited edition 10” vinyl from now. Happy hunting!

Reviewed by MANNIX

4 out of 5