Intiman & Foreign Beggars – ‘Hit That’ (+ Maztek / Calvertron Rmxs) – (Subculture)

hit-thatItalian producer Intiman invited the Foreign Beggars over to Italy for a gig and played them an instrumental, they loved it and the ending result is a slice of electro, hip hop, guitar infused bass music with grimey lyrics. Meanwhile on the flip label head at Subculture, Maztek delivers a massive D n’ B / breaks hybrid. Raw serrated bass lines collide with abrasive break beats and FB vocals which soon switch up into 160 bpm D n’ B tempo for a high octane sub-work out. And the cherry on the cake is the ever-reliable bastion of make em’ dance.com, Calvertron. Manipulating the bass into varying degrees of parp, warhh, grrr and various aural delectations, for our dancing and listening pleasures.

4 out of 5

Reviewed By SOTO