A lot has changed since Cassius were last in this game. Yet somehow ‘Ibifornia’, ten years after their last album ’15 Again’, does not sound out of place. In part that is a reflection of how song-driven electronic music hasn’t moved on a great deal, but what it shows more vividly is the French duo’s ability to write a good song that will make you dance. To do this they have collaborated with vocalists Ryan Tedder, Cat Power and Pharrell, who guests on ‘Go Up’. ‘Action’ is a fine extended groove which recalls peak-time George Clinton, ‘Ponce’ has some lovely, squelchy chords and ‘Feel Like Me’ is the big lighter waving moment, followed by a softer bit of reflective electro pop in ‘Blue Jean Smile’. Great to have them back.
5 out of 5
Ben Hogwood