Christian Nielsen – Over And Over EP (Noir Music) (24/06)

Christian Nielsen is a real modern house music force. He releases on plenty of top labels and always manages to make the sort of tunes that send dance floors wild. He has a real knack for groove as well as for playful synths and samples that make his tunes really stand out. Now he steps up for the first time ever to one of the labels run in his home country of Denmark. That label is Noir and his first EP is entitled Over and Over.

The title track is up first and is a deep and moody joint that slithers well below the surface. It is smooth and hypnotic and subtly coloured with woodpecker synth sounds and dark vocals that add an air of tension. Perfect for back rooms and heady basements, it is a great track. Second comes Speeding, which is a dub techno roller with fantastic chords moving about the mix. Rubbery drums pound deep down below and the whole thing is a classy affair designed for the true music heads out there in the underground.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming