Dalfie is a Glaswegian producer who really caught the attention of Gruuv label heads Audiojack. It’s a bit of a cliché to say a producer grew up on house music these days, but with Dalfie it’s just the truth – as a young teenager his house music loving dad would take him to raves when he couldn’t get a babysitter, whilst introducing him to mix tapes by DJs such as Sasha and Digweed. A resident at Glasgow’s legendary Arches in the early part of the millennium gave him great experience of working a crowd, and you can hear that dance floor focus in his productions. That’s what impressed Audiojack, just as us! It comes naturally, that the man now is ready with an EP on the bespoken Gruuv imprint! Title-track ‘Lunar Carnival’ kick starts the EP with a tom-driven percussive workout and a shimmering synth lead that saturates the high end; both are then drawn together with the addition of crafty vocal samples and reverberated effects.Following is ‘Midnight Circus’ which features a hypnotic bass line and driving kick drum teamed up with oscillating pads, before Carmina rounds things off with a grooving acid-style bass line, haunting bell melodies and mesmerizing vocals. All in all this is very solid and a promise for forthcoming deliveries by the man from Glasgow.
4 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX