The always cultured Bar 25 has established itself as an outlet for fresh and arresting house music that covers plenty different styles. Next up to contribute to the catalogue is Daniele Di Martino, a veteran of labels like Light My Fire and Still Vor Talent.
Temper kicks things off with seven minutes of scintillating hsoue music. It has wavy grooves and loose synths that wrap round each other and get you in a state of hypnosis. Koos is another light and airy groove that carries you away into the night on meandering lead synths and delicate keys. It’s elegant and beautiful and Day One then picks up the pace with a more rubbery, late night minimal feeling. It’s warm and trippy and really gets under your skin. Marbles then gurgles and bubbles and boils with twinkling keys and gentle grooves all encouraging you to day dream. This then is a tender and expressive electronic EP. 

Temper EP is out now! Grab it here: