Yes, what you read here is actually right-the truth as they say. Legendary UK label Dansa, home to so many great deeper House cuts with its peak in the middle of the 90s is back and head honcho Danny Taurus, now living in sunny LA is re-launching the imprint with an EP of his own. For those of you who eventually don’t know the label-it was a rather iconic platform for deep, yet soulful UK House and home to artists like Altern 8’s Mark Archer (mostly under his amazing Xen Mantra alias), Tuff Jam, Madagascar, Maurice Fulton and of course Slo Moshun, who’s ‘Bells Of NY’ track in cooperation with Neil Rushton’s 6×6/Network Records imperium crossed over to get a real House Classic till today. Now legendary as well is the amazing ‘You Are A Dansa’ compilation, a double album of heavenly deepness. Many years after the golden time of the label, the aims still are the same, so is the exceptional deep sound. The shortly available ‘In Da Hole EP’ by Danny Taurus sounds a lot like time stood still through all those years, which is actually nothing but good. The title track comes along with thumping beats, smooth chord work and a silky vocal. Followed by a slammin’ dub from Intr0beatz with that jazzy Rhodes riff and sizzling rides, your dancefloor will thank you for that. Backed with the bonus track, ‘Gotta Get’, shooting vocal cuts and organ stabs over a solid bassline and clattering hats, this is essential no nonsense House Music. Let’s hope the old maestros like Mark Archer are getting involved again-that would be cream on top of the cherry.”

4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX