Dany Rodriguez is on a roll, for ‘D’Visions’ comes only a year after previous album ‘Galaxies Compared’. This one shows how flexible he can be, crafting a techno album that moves between styles and speeds with ease, creating warm and sultry atmospherics as it goes. ‘D Funk’ is a brilliant track to get acquainted with immediately, a robotic voice asking ‘Where’s The New Jack?’ over scattered beats and booming bass. It’s a great track for breaks sets. Meanwhile ‘Tell Me When You Ready’ is much more thoughtful and brooding, Rodriguez channelling a cool and dark vibe. There are acidic squelches and bleeps on the likes of ‘Acid Tribute’ and ‘Texture’, but on the flip side we have the purity of ‘Natural Symphony’, where the rhythm is all but cast free. A wide spectrum of sounds and frequencies that adds up to an absorbing album.

Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5