Twin Sun ‘When We’re Dancing’ (HOT DIGITS)

Gregg Holmes aka Fingerman’s ever busy Hot Digits label has reached its 90th release and there might not be a better way to celebrate this fact, than coming up with a very solid offering on that occasion. This is served via a stunning three tracker from Twin Sun, a production duo from Reading/UK who have had previous releases on platforms like Midnight Riot, Too Slow To Disco or Discoholics Anonymous. Key track is ‘When We’re Dancing’, a cleverly executed example of a loopy Disco cutup, that is powered by strong, bouncy beats and a driving bassline. Next up is ‘Way For Me’, which takes us back into classic Olav Basoski and Robbie Rivera territories where the perfect use of filters was key. The package is rounded of by ‘Gotta Have It’ which has a very good and funky instrumental backing, within the vox parts there’s a little too much going on for my personal taste, but still it is another peaky Disco track that certainly will find its fans. Verdict: A very good EP with a standout title track and a dignified release for Hot Digits. 

Reviewed by MANNIX

4 out of 5