Anyone who takes it upon themselves to contemplate over the history of house music, along with its highlights and key players, will inevitably stumble upon DJ Pierre. The legendary Chicago-born producer and DJ has been living and breathing underground dance music, namely house, since its inception and everybody who knows the history of House Music knows his Wild Pitch trademark SOUND: 2017 will see THE DON release some of his old classics remixed in style and a first great taste of this smart move from Get Physical is a huuuuuge and I say huuuuuge Jazzuelle Remix of one of his standouts, the superb ‘What Is House Muzik’. Jazzuelle creates a moody, spheric, deep masterpiece driven by insane sweet chords and minimal acid touches here and there. Alltogether this is an update you can easily get addicted to! Watch this fly!”

4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX