DJ Steevo ‘Karioca’ EP

Sprechen music has been bringing some good stuff out in recent months, hovering over a dark world where balearic disco meets the groovier side of the good electro house of a decade ago. Imagine if Felix da Housecat did make it into Berghain then went and spent his comedown at Electric Elephant and you’re kind of there.

This EP from DJ Steevo is no exception. The titular track brings some lovely muted filtered grooves on the go, swaggering all over the shop with a “please listen carefully” vocal, some illegible choral nods and one of those gorgeous mid tempo speeds that make sense quaffing aperol spritzers.

‘Talking Machine’ is much sleazier, basically the aural equivalent of Micheal Barrymore losing his shit in Rimini 1983, but no less informed by the groove. Remix wise SHMLSS draws out ‘Kariioca’ for a more epic but not quite as enduring version, with DJ Rocca fairing much better with ‘Talking Machine’ in his hands. The result for that is a much more driving effort which brings oddball melody to the fore with a hint of classic Todd Terje about it. A great EP.


Reviewed by: Autocycle