Guyver – Sine Language [Kickstarter CD Album]


Rewind to the early noughties and a time when pretty much everyone’s attention was on the incredible German, Swiss and Italian producers for their next Hard Trance weapon! One name that caught the attention of the entire hard dance spectrum with his unique sound, incredible melodies and tight production, was young Guyver! Infamous for setting the benchmark on the Tidy Two sound that appealed to the UK and Euro hardheads alike with glowstick-classics  such as ‘Man On The Moon’, ‘Serious Sound’, ‘You’ll Know It’ and of course the winning remix of TDV’s ‘Give Me A Reason’.

Sine language is his latest project, the culmination of months (if not years) of hard work honing 12 new and exciting productions for his fans via a very successful kickstarter campaign. There are cinematic Hollywood film-score breakdowns, ‘Gamemaster’ spoken word delights and fresh, high-octane Guyver-leads impressing on each and every track. Highlights have to be the ever-evolving melodies of ‘Shutter Speed’, and euro-hammer and interstellar-esque ‘Sine language’, but in all fairness if you are fan of high quality Hard Trance music, you are going to love most of  this new library. It’s refreshing to see notable classic German elements coming into the fold, and Guyver maintaining his forte for creating emotive and memorable riffs. Quite possibly his best work to date!

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Reviewed by Nick Coles