Gypsy – I Trance You (Tim French Remix) [Limbo Records]

It’s the hook that never ages, still as fresh today as it was back in 1992 when Limbo first released, with the likes of Sasha on heavy rotation to the wide-eyed masses. It’s so nice to see this one back again and on it’s founding label, courtesy of UK producer Tim French. Tim updates with tribal perc hits, a seriously funky bass pattern, whilst staying true to the original vibe with subtle acid lines, original reverbed-Vox and a solid sampling of those hypnotic electric piano chords. With the current wave of melodic and progressive house appealing to the masses, this timely release is sure to win over some fresh ears, as well as exciting those that remember. Lovely update!


Reviewed by Nick Coles

Gypsy - I Trance You (Tim French Remix)