Hotmood ‘Samba E Sabor EP’ (SAMOSA)

Strictly heavy weight black vinyl-that’s the main character Italy based label Samosa Records is mainly connected with-a character that is so fresh these days. The imprint, run by Rome residents Steve Gammone and Pierandrea Rige has reached its 13th vinyl only release these days, quite an achievement as the label was only found a bit more than two years ago. As strict as the format of output is, as strict is the genre it stands for, is as well. We’re talking DISCO. And if we do, Mexico’s finest Hotmood aka Guillermo Gonzales can’t be far away. His recent releases have seen him delivering spiced up Disco edits of filtered grooves on labels like Purple Disco, Tropical Disco, Giant Cuts Digital or his very own label Discoweey.

As you might already have guessed, ‘Samba E Sabor’ is a cleverly put together EP about Latin influenced grooves, mixed with loads of Soul & Funk. First up is the ridiculously sublime carnival funk of ‘Samba E Sabor’. Everything about this track is huge from the drums to the funk laden guitars and ass shakin’ percussion to the wonderfully warm layered vocal. It’s a track which caused uncontrollable dancing in our office on a Monday Morning so you can only imagine what it’s going to do to your dance-floor on a Saturday night. It’s definitely going to cause a hands-in-the-air party wherever it lands.

Moving onwards ‘Lafro’ is a different animal altogether. Its deep throbbing bassline merges perfectly with some seriously tight drums building energy as more percussion finds its way to the top line. Looped up keys, jazzy 70’s piano licks and a quirky vocal all come together perfectly for a track which has a unique and fun style. Expect the tastemaker DJ’s out there to have this one on heavy rotation.
‘Groove With You’ is deep party disco with a tight fat horn groove and ever so cool looped up guitar licks. Breaking into a big trumpet solo it’s another feel good moment on a stellar EP. Not content with setting the groove to perfection just wait until the brilliant vocal comes in. A near perfect track!

Closing the EP out is ‘Our Place’ and it’s packed with verve. It’s also the deep side of disco with a big looped up bassline augmented by horn stabs, hammond licks, jazzy overtones and another intriguing vocal. Smooth and delightful. Altogether this is a must-have EP, especially if you are one of those who burns for vinyl.

4.5 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX