Apollonia – Tour à Tour – (Apollonia)

Kicking off their world tour, which is also the album’s title, Tour à Tour is a positive tour de force when it comes to forward-thinking, probing contemporary music. And what becomes quickly apparent is that while the music exists sublimely for the dancefloor, it has a real depth of sound and vision that lets you explore the vivid imaginations of the three Frenchmen off it too. In ways it sounds like three people locked in spirit, jamming together as hits of percussion, fx and vocal edits all drop in at seemingly random points to colour the picture. Indeed, each track succeeds in its own right, although Apollonia also excel themselves on the likes of the deeper, more haunting ‘June’ plus the classic atmospheric breakbeats of ‘Haight Street’, which the album ends on. But back to the dancefloor as the release features more than its fair share of sassy shakers from deep rhythms to more vigorous tracks like, ‘The Benshee’ and ‘Sona’, again highlighting the albums diversity and character.

4 out of 5

Reviewed by Greg Fenton