Air guitars at the ready, Felix’s ‘Don’t You Want My Love’ and Baby D’s ‘Let Me Be Your Fantasy’ have been backstage groupie coupled then fed respectfully through a digital iron maiden to emerge as a raw, Ozzy Osbourne-sounding, rock god vocalled, axe attack that references Prince, Bastille, Hendrix, AC-DC, Led Zep and anything else with a decent guitar lick then stage slides and funny walks for you for good measure. It struts and poses and parties like a rockstar so fantastically well that you might feel your ears pushed egregiously to one side by its bulging aural cod piece. It’s a sneaky attention grabber too: Felix himself has given it his thumbs up whilst various DJ sets rocked out with it during the Snowbombing weekend in Austria. There are two mixes – one shouty vocalled, one not, so take your pick, don your leathers, sniff your glove and get ready for your neighbours knocking on their ceiling and your floor or your ceilling and their floor. Annoying. In a fun way.

3 out of 5

Reviewed by Paulette