Balthazar – ‘Midnight City’ EP – (Pulsewith Records)

Barcelona’s Pulsewith Records brand new four track EP sees the label cover a number of musical angles. Kicking off with the solid House grooves of title track ‘Midnight City’ and its ‘I can’t get enough…no’ vocal line this infectious, melodic production may have the feel of the early nineties about it, but then does so in a most contemporary way. Conversely ‘Sons Of Guns’ drops the tempo and employs ambient textures, with ‘Hopefully’ again pacing itself although this time with darker Techno flavours feeling unpredictable and more urgent. Despite its title ‘In The Face Of Death’ ends by picking up the tempo with inviting funky rhythms, along with a striking arrangement of voices and blissful textures.

4 out of 5

Reviewed by Greg Fenton