Belfast rising star, Ejeca’s ‘What You Think’ has been wafting around for a month or so now. How time flies? Anyway, time travel back to 1995 96 in your De Lorean and there you will probably find Ejeca mixing and trixing in a dark sweatbox somewhere legendary. ‘What You Think’ is a strings and things filtered special that will remind you of Henry Street, King Street and all those labels that served up piping hot house music and made people truly happy. ‘Alone’ is a more sombre affair, delivering its jacking piano house whilst hovering in the long shadows. Gold star for the David Jach ‘Alone’ remix which adds a snipped looped vocal and a bouncing bassline that sexes it up beautifully. I think it’s a backroom blazer. What do you think?

3.5 out of 5

Reviewed By Paulette