The initial release on Oli Furness and Angus Jefford’s brand new Manchester imprint sees Dutch duo New Jack Swing reignite nostalgia, and doubtless the future/ retro debate into the process. Yes, the drums sound trademark early nineties, as indeed does the bass and organ, while the detuned vocal speaks of days past right back to ‘Jack Your Body’ in 1986. But, the bottom line here is simply: is it any good? The answer is clearly a big yes. These are classic sounds which combine with a great production while ticking all the right boxes to engage your mind, body and soul. Even better, however, is the MIL Remix which gets deeper with tougher beats and moody bass giving the vocal a yet more distinctive edge, while sounding vital, and certainly feeling very contemporary. Further tracks, ‘Gimme That Chance’ and the excellent cut-up of ‘The Golden Age’ breathe further life into the genre, keeping the dream alive.

Reviewed by Greg Fenton

4 out of 5