Let the wealth of ‘something for everyone’ remixes sway your mind whichever way it will. Then let the Proxy mix’s sweet vocodered electro pop vocal intro trick you into thinking it’s all about the jolly original version’s chat up line shuffle before the screaming sirens and stormtrooper kick lay waste to all, daubing ‘The Bloody Beetroots are back’ in blood red, six metre letters in the sky above your head. It swoops, it soars and like a starving cormorant it’ll rip out the heart of any dancefloor or mosh pit given half a chance. Jay C and B-Sides give it good grime whilst Bottai and Annick Sandwich remixes are both insistent, main room bangers that could pull your wisdom teeth out by the roots without pliers. It’s an earworm.

4 out of 5

Reviewed By Paulette