VA – NTRX 2 – (Noir Music)

The second edition in the NTRX series flies at you like an iron fist in a velvet glove. Bimas’ ‘My Desire’ opens the bundle with a funk fuelled, sweat soaked, talc and towels dance off. Datawork & Nic Vetter’s ‘She Stared In Confusion’ is an eerie, haunting soundscape that swells and drops like a single white seagull sitting on a rising oilspill. ‘Badcave’ is a wonky tech house knee trembler with sputtering answerbacks, ping pong effects and a shimmering alter ego. Meanwhile Pele and Shawnecy’s ‘From The Soul’ is an insistent, low riding, filtered groove with a spoken vocal that yanks everybody’s arms up into the air like a demon puppet master. The closer, Federico Locchi’s ‘Nebuloosa’, is a funky drummed, psychotically arpeggiated dancefloor drama parlour. Help yourself to another five card trick from Noir Music, the home of deep and tech house hits.

4.5 out of 5

Reviewed By Paulette