Zepherin Saint - Midnight Mawal

Zepherin Saint, connoisseur of world house music, co-founder of Tribe records, brings his new project Melange to North America. He kicks off the tour with the US release of his ‘Midnight Mawal’ single, which is the first track from the series. Inspired by his nomadic journeys through North Africa and the Middle East, he recorded native musicians and global artists to feature in his music. ‘Midnight Mawal’ draws from deep afro house, using its references to blend exotic instruments (KAWALA, Bozuk and the Oud) with jazz piano and Cuban rhythms. Syrian Mohanned Mcallah lays his voice (and heart) over the keys of nimble fingered pianist Professor Yoel Ben Yehuda.  Zepherin Saint brings a signature mix of afro beats and rhythms rooted in house music, whilst LA’s Jose Marquez delivers authentic Eastern rhythms that bubble under a stunning NI performance. The track has already found its way on to Louie Vega, Rocco and Joe Clausell’s play list airing at parties from Miami to Paris to South Africa.

4 out of 5

Reviewed By A.Rash