If, like me, you’ve not tried a full Juana Molina album before, then you are missing out. She has the air of a fully-fledged musical inventor, using some more conventional songs but bringing in lots of intriguing sounds and rhythms around. The music is strange but rather beautiful, and if you are a fan of Björk, Emiliana Torrini or even someone more mainstream like Lorde, there will be lots in ‘Halo’ that you find stimulating. ‘Cosoco’ is a propulsive track, showing the energy she is capable of creating, while the driving riff of ‘Cara de espejo’ and the percussion-heavy ‘Estalacticas’ push the boundaries still further. ‘In The Lassa’ has a wonderful upward curve to its guitar line, an example of the dreamy state in which the album often finds itself. Recorded in Argentina and Texas, ‘Halo’ is a real meeting point of continents and musical styles, an example of Juana Molina’s formidable spirit and energy. It will leave a lasting impression on both first time listeners and long-time fans.
Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5