JULIAN ‘JUJU’ GARNETT ft. HARRY DENNIS ‘PRESS RESET’ ScuScru, Zoid & Julian “JuJu” Garnett Remixes

The “Press Reset” Remix package offers a diverse range of interpretations of the original track, showcasing the skills and versatility of the featured producers. Scruscru Remix kicks off the mixes and takes a breakbeat approach, a departure from the original 4/4 house beat. This remix presents Harry Dennis’ vocals in a chopped, dubbed, and intermittently dropped style over a blissful breakbeat roll. The track features jazzy keys and organ stabs, punctuated with echoey sax and funky live bass, driving the track forward. Scruscru is a Russian producer and DJ who has been releasing vinyl since 2018 and has recently launched his own label, Scruniversal Records. He is known for delivering some of the finest jazz and funk-infused electronic dance music around, and he is an all-rounder, switching styles between house-tempo club cuts and more experimental 2 Step, downtempo, and D&B-influenced beat-excursions.

Zoid’s ‘LoTekJazz’ reimagining offers a completely different take on the original track. The remix transports the listener to new undiscovered worlds with its sinister organ stabs and bubbling Chicago acid bass line before the hard-as-nails techno kick drum joins the fray to pound the track along. Harry Dennis’ “Press Reset” mantra is whispered amongst the chaos as the track keeps evolving. The sweet melody is contrasted by dark aggression, swaying this way and that, and onto another dimension.

The Julian Dub versions round off the remix package, offering a different flavor to the preceding remixes. The Electro Soul Dub version features classic 808 electro rhythms and uplifting 80’s synth chords, giving the track a joyous new life-affirming vibe. Harry Dennis’ vocal snippets ride on top, as shimmering keyboard patterns drift in and out, and a bubbling acid line creeps in. The Classic Dub version is similar to the original but takes a more spacey approach. The remix features a refined bass and longer build-up to Harry’s memorable vocal parts, which enter later in the mix.
The ‘Press Reset’ Remix package is a must-listen for fans of jazzy electronic dance music, as it offers a diverse range of styles and interpretations that showcase the original track in fresh and exciting ways. Each producer has brought their unique touch to the remixes, and the result is a package that is a sure-fire summer jam… if summer comes along.

Martin Madigan 5