If you were trancing in the early noughties then you would not have escaped the sound of K90 with his left of centre but stunning melodic creations on labels such as Recover, Telica and Dataless. At a time when many producers were trying to shake off the generic aftermath of the late 90’s commercial sound, Mark Dogget really came into his own especially after dropping the underground trance bible ‘Urban Anthems’, back to back with tracks that not only have lasted the test of time but become anthems in their own right originally and through various remixes. (So a very apt title indeed!). Futureproof is K90’s sixth album to date and after receiving a hard copy through the post I just couldn’t wait to have a good listen to this collection of 11 well-honed tracks. As to be expected the melodies and ideas are strong in every sense and there is a great progression to the album. ‘So Strong’ will appease the vocal fans with it’s late 90’s Gatecrasher feel, ‘Awakening’ and ‘ Rendition’ the classic K90 hard trance ears and also one to check is ‘No Resistance’, a true masterpiece with it’s gorgeous breakdown and ripping porta-synth just the way we like it!

Some may argue that these tracks may sound a little dated and in some cases they may well be right, but for me this is everything I would hope to hear in a K90 album and is head and shoulders above previous albums such as Crash. K90 doing what he does best – fantastic melodies that appeal to both the trance and hard trance floors alike.

Reviewed by Nick Coles