The world of Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is an enchanting one. Her approach to electronic music is powered by deep, human emotion, and perhaps because of that there is also a mysterious streak to it. Second album The Kid explores this in colourful and often bittersweet detail. A record with a concept, it explores a strong Eastern influence, especially early on, while the vocals have a communal quality. The natural interactions work well too, with trilling bird calls casting a spell on ‘Who I Am & Why I Am Where I Am’, while ‘To Feel Your Best’ explores later in life, when ‘I’m gonna wake up one day and you won’t be there’, the warm production and harmonies masking a deeper sadness. With a slight lilt to her voice, Smith is a captivating if slightly elusive vocalist – elusive in a sense that draws the listener in to find out more about her. Keep listening to ‘The Kid’, because each time you hear it the layers of its glorious secrets are gradually unveiled.

Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5