Kasbo is an intriguing proposition. The Swedish producer makes modern pop music that sits easily next to the likes of Diplo and Lorde, but he puts his own spin on it through an album that is notable for its ability to shift through different styles and speeds. ‘Your Tempo’ is one of the most striking vocal tracks, while TENDER gives a really lovely dimension to the winsome ‘Aldrig Mer’, which sounds a bit like a slower Empire Of The Sun track. There is a strange tension at times between the fragile vocals and treble lines and some really strong, pulsing bass. Because of this, ‘Places’ becomes an album that is equally effective in a dark room as it is in a big public place. It sounds like future pop music, hanging together well despite the presence of six different guest vocalists. Maybe that’s because tracks like the wistful ‘Snow In Gothenburg’ give it a strong sense of home. Either way, Kasbo is one to watch for sure.
Ben Hogwood
4 out of 5